Anthony Wamburu was born in Nyeri, Kenya. His family moved to Harare, Zimbabwe where they resided from 1990 to 1995 where his father was working at the time. Anthony completed his grade school education in Harare where he was privileged to learn the Shona language. After returning back to Kenya, Anthony completed his high school in Nairobi, Kenya.
Anthony later went to the United States for further studies where he majored in computer science and minored in political science and history, from the Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina.
Anthony returned home after working for various companies in the U.S in 2008 where he later founded Stocles Mat Solutions.

Founder & C.E.O Duties Include:

Hire and train local youth in the art of crafting the floor mats.
Job creation for the youth is one of the fundamental pillars of the Kenya vision

  • Craft the mats alongside the workshop crew to ensure excellence is followed to the letter.
  • Venture out for sales in pursuit of tenders and procurement opportunities.
  • Manage the designing of brochures, posters and leaflets for advertising the floor mats.
  • Manage the book keeping and the daily running of the business.
  • Manage the distributing and marketing for efficient distribution strategies countrywide.
  • Attend youth entrepreneur seminars that inspire other youth in opening their own
  • Works closely with interior designers who recommend our floor mats to their clients.
  • Manage the delivery of ordered mats to our customers in a timely period

The Workshop Crew:

The Stocles Mat Solutions primarily employs a work crew of engineering students from a local university who work on a part time and full time basis. Working teaches students about responsibility and also reinforces what they are learning in school. We also mentor and coach these students, who eventually leave us with a wealth of life and social skills.

Workshop Crew Duties Include

Procure used heavy-duty tires from all over the country.

  • Sort all tires for processing
  • Cut tires into strips and cubes
  • Wash and disinfect all tire strips and cube pieces
  • Hand craft the mats
  • Paint the crafted mats
  • Package the finished mats for delivery