Founder and C.E.O, Anthony Wamburu returned home to Nyeri, Kenya from the U.S in the year 2008. He had spent about 10 years in the U.S where he had obtained a degree in Computer Science from Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. When he got back to Kenya having worked for a few companies in the U.S, Anthony felt that he did not want to seek formal employment in Kenya but wanted to start his very own business. He did not know which business he would get into so he spent most of his initial time back visiting relatives and catching up with long lost friends. It was until one day that his father a medical doctor asked him if he could find him a decent floor
mat for his medical practice, whereby many patients came in with dirt and mud.
He had tried to find decent durable floor mats in the past but had been unsuccessful. Being at their home in Nyeri where they had many old used tires from old broken down vehicles, Anthony decided to make his father an Eco-friendly floor mat instead of buying one since he had the spare time.
After a few months and many attempts, Anthony finally came up with a floor mat that he thought his father could use which he later presented it to him. A few months later Anthony’s father told Anthony that his colleagues and even patients were very impressed with the mat and were asking if he could get them floor mats like the one he had at his practice. It was then due to the interest and demand of the mat that Anthony embraced it as a business concept and Stocles Mat Solutions was born.

Stocles Mat Solutions was registered in the year 2009. In the same year we also applied for a Patent and obtained a permit from the Kenya Bureau of Standards who have since then tested and approved Stocles Mats every year to date. Stocles Mat Solutions after obtaining all its legal certifications was open and ready to sell our mats to the greater public in the year 2012.