Stocles Mat Solution’s workshop is located in Kingongo which is only about a 5 minute drive from Nyeri town in Nyeri County. Stocles floor mats are a result of an innovation that came about to tackle the problem of mud, sand, dirt and water that is being tracked into our homes, offices and many other establishments. I noticed that in many countries around the world, there were no substantial floor mats that could safely remove dirt, mud and snow from shoes and at the same time was easy to clean and had limited maintenance. The floor mats that were available quickly accumulated dirt and mud.

Others like the metal mud-removers that are found around the world are not shoe-friendly, unsafe and are sometimes stolen for the scrap metal businesses. Faced with this problem, the founder as a young entrepreneur designed and created what has now come to be a collection of the Stocles Mats.

Stocles Mats are the most useful eco-friendly products on the planet. With global warming being felt around the world, we too wanted to do our part in its reduction by recycling used tires and hand crafting them in a distinctive design into unique rubber floor mats.


Stocles Mat Solutions is a manufacturing company that supplies and distributes durable Eco-Friendly rubber floor mats that are second to
none, with a continued commitment to the environment.


To be the Next ‘BIG’ Household Name in Rubber Floor Mat Solutions


The floor mat industry in Kenya is not very diverse today. In many places you will find that because there are not too many choices for good floor mats, there are people still using flattened cardboard boxes and car rubber mats as floor mats for their establishments. It is for this very
reason because of the need of a good durable floor mat in Kenya that we decided to venture into this market.
Stocles Mats are distinctive and unique because they are the only heavy-duty dual-sided rubber floor mats in the world, giving our customers a two-in-one quality experience. Stocles Mats also uniquely double up for an assortment of different uses in many establishments which other mats do not.
Most frequent uses of the Stocles Mats are:
(a) Mud, dirt and grit scrubbers
(b) Rubber mats for gyms
(c) Rubber mats for dish washing areas in hotels etc
(d) Rubber mats for swimming areas
(e) Placement mats of household appliances such as refrigerators, dish washers, cookers, washing machines, gas cylinders etc
(f) Rubber mats for the back of pick-up trucks to protect the truck beds
Stocles Mats are also extremely durable unlike any other floor mats in Kenya today and because rubber is so durable and easy to clean, many offices and homes have fallen in love with our mats.